When will the borders reopen in Morocco? On the site of Royal Air Maroc, we can discover a resumption of flights from Paris on June 16, 2020, many wonders when the country will be accessible to tourists again.

Will it be possible to travel to Morocco this summer? It must be said that the coronavirus epidemic should impact the tourist season in this Maghreb country. Confined since the end of March, the Kingdom of Morocco has been particularly cautious about the virus and the management of the crisis has been praised by the foreign press.

The country has announced the start of progressive deconfinement as of this Thursday, June 11, starting with the least populated areas. But the restrictions are maintained in the big cities.

For those who wish to leave for Morocco soon and who are wondering about the reopening of the borders, On the site of the Royal Air Maroc, the national airline, flights are already offered from June 16, 2020, from the Paris airports of Orly and Roissy Charles de Gaulle. However, that does not mean that it will be possible to go there for holidays: the official date of the reopening of the Moroccan borders has not yet been announced, we hope to reopen the Schengen area by July.

For the moment, the Kingdom of Morocco extends the State of Emergency until July 10, 2020, and economic activity should resume gradually from June 11, 2020, especially for certain souks, and the craft trades as well as for industries. The deconfinement strategy divides the territory between two zones according to the evolution of the epidemic which is noted there. The relief zone n ° 1 corresponds to the part most spared by the virus and includes in particular the cities of Essaouira, Meknès, Chefchaouen or even Tétouane.

In this part zone n ° 1, certificates will no longer be necessary when going out, the hairdressing and beauty salons are reopening as are the gardens and public transport. The second lightening zone where the virus is more present knows more strict rules. In this part, which notably includes large metropolises such as Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier, Fez, and even Marrakech, certificates are still required, shops are required to close at 8 p.m. and public transport resumes.

No announcement has been made on the reopening of the borders, which have been closed since mid-March, while tourism professionals are asking for more visibility and more than 30,000 Moroccan travelers stranded around the world are waiting to return home. . Repatriations have timidly started for the approximately 1,100 travelers who were quarantined on arrival.

Tourism, a key sector of the country’s economy, is on hold, and travel between cities is reserved for work with the employer’s order of mission.

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