Yes, it is safe to go to Morocco, statically and experimentally we can say that Morocco is one of the safest tourist destinations to visit in the entire world. 

Why do we say that?

The African continent is home to many different cultures and territories. That have their way of doing things. And within a continent of 53 countries. It makes it the zone with the most amount of countries.

Inside this part of the world, there are many great stories of rich history where we can discover the strength and pride of great amazing nations.

And today we will see interesting facts about a side that represents just that! this is the country people and culture of the beautiful and the only Morocco.

But wait! There’s more.

Morocco! It’s not a Latin country. You’re thinking “Maracas.” It’s in the Arab world. It’s not much! It’s in Africa and not the Middle East. 

It borders Europe just next to Spain, that’s why we can find different kinds of people and ethnicities in this amazing place. Most Moroccans probably wouldn’t even identify as from the same genealogy.

Let’s explain. 

The population amount is about 36 million according to 2017 studies and has the biggest native Berber / Amazigh community in all of Africa. 

It’s hard to get exact numbers, but researchers say that somewhere around 41% to 80% of the entire citizens have Berber / Amazigh roots whether it be full or partial, whereas 90% are non-Berber identifying Arabs.

The remaining are made up of other small groups, mostly French, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as West African immigrants. They use the Moroccan Dirham as their currency, they use the electricity kind C and E plug outlets, and they drive on the right side of the road.

Don’t get confused!

The previous facts and numbers just to justify that Morocco was always a land of different cultures and colors. All lived in peace until today.

A monarchy with a stable political system.

Royal Moroccan

Morocco is a kingdom ruled under the Alaouite dynasty, the second oldest ruling dynasty in the world after Japan’s Yamato imperial family. The country’s state religion is Islam, the vast majority at about 90% identify as Muslims, and the remainder are mostly Christians and a small Jewish community.

Respecting religious and Attitudes.

The largest Jewish population in the Arab world used to live in Morocco, claiming to be up to 350 thousand. 

In the meantime, Moroccan Jews are the second-largest Jewish ethnic subgroup in Israel. 

Culturally speaking, Moroccans have a very vibrant background, whatever the skin color, the eternity, the language and the religion. there was always some universal traits that they all kind of share. that’s what made Morocco a safe place for centuries.

Facts about Morocco Prove that it’s a Country of Peace.

Foreigners residing in Morocco.

live in morocco

Approximately 90,000 foreigners have chosen Marrakesh, Casablanca, Agadir and other cities as permanent residence. Most of them from Europe especially from France.

To invest, to work, to retire or even to get married. They all here for a reason that Morocco is a wonderful peaceful place to visit and to live in.

Crime rate is low in Morocco.

Crime rate in Morocco. it is safe to go to Morocco

As listed by crowd-sourced global database Numbeo in 2019, The country is way far from dangerous crime rates and it is safe to go to Morocco.

Political Stability and Absence of Violence in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most stable countries in Africa and the Middle East. It has one of the oldest ruling dynasty in the world standing until now. 

According to data from the Global Terrorism Database (GTD) which is collected and collated by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) at the University of Maryland.

So we can say that it is safe to go to Morocco even safer than the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Australia, Finland and a lot of other countries.

Travel to Morocco Warnings and common Scams to avoid.

Yes, it is safe to go to Morocco but there are some casual things to know and to avoid during your visit. This kind of scams can happen in other similar countries like Turkey or Thailand.

Sellers in Market places

Scams in Market places. it is safe to go to Morocco

Common scam

You are traveling to Morocco for the first time! While visiting the Medina of Marrakesh or Fez or any market place in Morocco. Sellers are yelling and trying every way to push tourists to buy things from them.

For them, it’s only a way to charm costumers hoping to increase their sells. But no one can cross lines because of their hospitality culture and because of the Moroccan strict law. 

Be careful because a lot of them will try to overcharge prices or even sell you fake things like Argan oil, Leather product, Rugs, Lanterns…


To avoid those kind of situations, you must to visit different stores and ask about the same product you need. 

When you find your best deal! Now you can ask for discounts or gifts. It’s not rude to do that. 

This is how things work in Moroccan Market places for centuries. 

“Remember! you can always bargain in Morocco”

Tour operator scam

Tour operator scam. it is safe to go to Morocco

Common scam

Quite possibly your Tour company may take you someplace far from cities, and after that, they ask for extra cash. 

Maybe they will tell stories and lies to put you in a panic situation, also they know that you have no other options.


Never go with the first cheapest tour operator you find. You need to take enough time to choose wisely and to compare rates and past reviews, as they change from agency to another. 

Now due to the Internet, you can easily pick an agency from your home according to your needs through browsing photos, videos, and client reviews. All listed in big travel websites like Tripadvisor, Booking, Yahoo! Travel, Expedia, Getyourguide…

Fake tour guide

Fake tour guide. it is safe to go to Morocco

Common scam

The fake guide will pretend to be an official guide who is working with the Moroccan tourist board, and offer you the best tour ever.

In any case, he will take you to big shops around, and push you into getting a lousy expensive quality, because owners give them commissions on sales.

Some of them guarantee no money is required at first however toward the finish of the “visit”, request a big tip aggressively.


Simply ask for papers and license every official guide has one. then you can talk about cost and details.

Don’t be gentle with fake ones, because they won’t let you go until you give them money, so the best thing you can do is to claim that you are calling the police, they will disappear right away.


Pickpocket. it is safe to go to Morocco

Common scam

In market places, attractions or any crowded place, there is always a chance that you will be followed by a pickpocket. Jemma el-Fnaa square, for example, is one of there favorite spot. It’s easy for them to steal your valuables in such places. 

Oftentimes they work in gang to distract or they clash with you so you won’t feel anything.


Avoid to be an easy target for thieves make it impossible by following those instructions:

  1. Keep your shiny things in your hotel or Riad.
  2. Always keep your bag, wallet, and phone in front of you.
  3. Don’t carry a lot of cash.
  4. Carry only a copy of your important documents like passport.
  5. Try to get full travel insurance.

Emergency numbers to call in Morocco

  1. Police: 190 or 112
  2. Police outside big cities: 177
  3. Fire brigade: 15
  4. Ambulance: 150

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