Moroccan Djellaba

Moroccan Djellaba is a traditional Moroccan costume, it’s a loose robe with long sleeves and an optional hood, which can be dressed by women and men. The name of Djellaba Derives its origin from the Arabic language and more precisely from the word “Jilbab”. Although having passed through centuries, it has always kept a defined identity, dictated by the habits and rituals of the country.

What does a djellaba look like?

Moroccan djellaba

At first, the Djellaba was simple, white or black but the fabrics and colors have evolved over time according to the generations and tastes. The Persian, Andalusian, Roman, Turkish and the Islamic heritage had a big influence on the Moroccan Djellaba.

The Moroccan Kaftan

The Moroccan Kaftan or Caftan just like the Moroccan Djellaba all inspired by Arab and Berber cultures. The Kaftan that everyone knows now, finds roots in different cultures, especially the Ottoman Empire. It was a typical men costume for Turkish and Persians. Today it is completely feminine and its the typical traditional dress that women wear in big events like weddings. Nowadays the Moroccan Kaftan has became a big inspiration for fashionists and it has its own fashion shows.

What is a Moroccan Gandoura?

Moroccan Gandoura

The Gandoura is a long tunic, usually short-sleeved, up to the ankles, which can be worn by women and men. Moroccans dress the Gandoura most the times at home to be comfortable, also outside, especially when going to the mosque for prayers.

Traditional and official Moroccan clothing

Moroccan clothing

Until today, the Moroccan djellaba is a traditional dress of the countries of North Africa. It is the official costume of the government members, also in events and especially during holidays. It is, therefore, an integral part of culture and history. It remains the privileged costume of the king of Morocco Mohammed VI in official events.

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